Our most popular digital courses.  Each one will create a tangible shift in how you feel, think & experience your life (in 8 weeks or less).  Upon clicking on a course below, you’ll find details, client success stories, and other information about that course. With each, you receive instant & lifetime access.  

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Rad's signature transformation formula to live in greater alignment with your life’s purpose. Learn to master your thoughts, feelings & beliefs, to manifest your dream life in all areas: love, wealth, work, and most importantly, feel more flow, joy & inner peace.

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The Conscious Co-Parenting Program

This transformational progam is about elevating life for you and your child post-separation or divorce.  You deserve peace and a beautiful next chapter.  Master peaceful co-parenting from 2 homes, raise your kids from an elevated perspective & find your flow. 

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Option C: Coming Home to Love

Elevate your key relationships & come home to more love.  Master your heart and connection in your most sacred relationships. This intensive redefines healthy relationships, the magnetic state of overflow, and helps you truly love (and be loved)... unconditionally.

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These are designed to help you master a specific skill-set, and are typically priced lower than our courses (one is free!). Upon clicking on a masterclass below, you’ll find details, client success stories, and other information. Each one has instant & lifetime access.  

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Meditation Mastery Masterclass

A 4-module master-PEACE on building your own powerful meditation practice.  I show you what, why & how, and we sample various different styles and techniques.  For novice & experienced meditators, who desire increased focus, inner peace & a higher inner vibration.

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The Conscious Communicator (free)

A powerful masterclass to upgrade not just the words you use, but the energy in which you deliver your communication.  Through a shift in our lens, we reduce feeling triggered, increase connection, and experience greater relationship harmony. You also get to sample Rad's teachings!

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