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Information about personal growth is everywhere.  It's endless!  But where do you start with it all? And once you've absorbed a lot of great content, how do you APPLY it to actually change your life?  Puzzling, right? 

It's like baking a cake with only half of the ingredients and no directions. It's a great start. But you still don't have a cake!

Our programs provide powerful tools in a simple recipe to transform your life.  

About Radhika Lakhani

Meet Radhika, AKA: "Rad"  

BA (Hons), LL.B./J.D., LL.M. (ADR)

In 2021, after almost 20 years, I left the field of law and mediation because I found a more powerful way to help people live peaceful, joy-filled and abundant lives. After all - that was always my goal. 

I teach people how to experience rapid transformation & how to align to their soul's highest purpose. 

Everything I share comes from a long history of my own transformation (from major losses, major separation) + learning so much about why people struggle as I counselled hundreds of families in the field of conflict resolution as a family lawyer & mediator.

Today, what I know for sure is that the conflict, joy, love and abundance that we experience or don't experience, is a reflection of our inner state and that you can change your inner state faster than you think.  

When you slow down, tune in and commit to making small tweaks... your whole world will change.  

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Featured Programs

Conscious Lawyering

An 8-week program to help you find your flow in the practice of family law, expand your focus and fulfillment, and manifesting your dream practice and team.

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Conscious Co-Parenting

An 8-week program to help you tap into the highest version of yourself, to raise your children from a new perspective & to find your flow in co-parenting post separation.

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The Highest Version

An 8-week program to help you further explore, define and align with your life’s purpose. An experiential program designed to elicit the highest expression of yourself, and manifest your dream business, as a vehicle to serve others.

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"I am always looking for creative ways to help me thrive. This course really delivered! Rad helped me think differently, not only about where I am now, but also about where I want to be in the future. She gives you countless tools to help you find your flow, and is non-judgmental and supportive of how hard this can be with a busy work and home life. Thanks to Rad's personalized and endless support, and the community she is creating, I feel more fulfilled and re-energized. I highly recommend making the time for this course - your future self will thank you!"

Vanessa Lam
Family Law Strategic Advisor & Research Lawyer

"This course is A MUST and a Game Changer!! I began my journey into conscious living prior to this course but Radhika was instrumental in taking me to the next level. Not only have I seen tremendous benefits in the professional arena but so too in my personal life. Radhika is most generous to impart so many exquisite resources, tips and ultimate guidance. It will no doubt change the way you work and live. You will learn life changing skills from the comforts of your home. Even just one skill learned will benefit you in ways you can not even imagine. You will ask yourself "why didn't I embark on this journey sooner?!""

Ilana Tamari
Mediator, Arbitrator & Parenting Coordinator

"We create our own lives. The power is within, whatever we choose that to be. I've known this. It is the HOW to that I didn’t have before. The tools in this course have given me the guidance and pushed me forward to get it done. I needed that push. "

Yolanda E.
Conscious Co-Parenting Student

"These steps are so simple, and seeing Radhika live and breathe what she teaches, that’s really inspiring. No one else can get me to where I want to be other than myself, and it can be achieved in consistent baby steps. I enjoyed seeing and connecting with others, and not feeling as alone in this as I felt before. I always feel SO much more optimistic after the sessions. "

Lera H.
Conscious Co-Parenting Student

"The Program was something I decided to take to elevate my business and support overall growth. I'm so honoured to have been part of this group and this journey. The tools are life long that I have found to be so impactful already in the little time I've started to implement them. I can't wait to continue practicing them for the overall enrichment of my life! Thank you Rad - this is a program that will create a permanent positive shift in your life!"

Luisa D.
President & Founder of LD Human Resources

"I am so thankful for this program and my life changer guru Radhika Lakhani!! I feel like I’ve been living under a rock for 42 years?!! Although I was driven, motivated and passionate about everything I did in my life before the program, and thought I was clear in my direction and focus, it turns out I was missing a few key pieces. I was missing listening to my inner-self, self awareness, discovery and even self love on a deeper level. The more I think about the program, the more I realize how much I learned. I feel as though Radhika made me open a new door... and I am at the entrance hallway realizing… omg… there is so much potential of growth here! Thank you for this new birth!! That is how I feel - born again. And I will be forever grateful!!! "

Catherine-Lucie H.
Founder of Royal Interior Design Ltd.

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