Conscious Co-Parenting Program

Parenting is challenging. It's even harder from "two homes."   This six-week online program empowers you to reduce conflict and increase peace and harmony, as you co-parent your child, post-separation and divorce. 

Cost: $475 + Tax (13%).

When you thrive, your child thrives. Invest in YOU. 

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Gain Mental Clarity and Peace

Experience powerful tools such as meditation, mindfulness and breath work to recharge your batteries, so that you feel equipped to handle the challenges of co-parenting, and to fully enjoy each moment with your child

Effectively Communicate with Your Co-Parent

Learn simple tools to effectively communicate with your co-parent, so you are not left feeling drained, and to allow your child to have the positive relationship with both parents that they need and deserve

Find Your Joy: For You and Your Child

Redefine your dream life for you and your child.  Find a joy-filled rhythm and ease in your day-to-day life. "Getting by" is not enough. We teach our children wellness by modelling it. It's time for your family to THRIVE

Meet Your Guide: Radhika Lakhani


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At heart, my desire is to be a catalyst for positive change and expansion. Since 2002, I have been in the world of dispute resolution: as a mediator, collaborative family lawyer and trainer.  This spoke to my desire to be a peace maker and help others live their best life.  

For years, I informally shared mindfulness & mindset tools with clients and colleagues while they worked with me as a lawyer, because I knew how powerful they were. These were the very tools that helped me transform my own biggest losses and struggles into my biggest miracles. With these tools I manifested my dream life. The joy and the feedback I received inspired me to formalize my “tool-kit” into comprehensive programs for entrepreneurs, lawyers and parents post-separation. 

To be able to share these empowering tools, and witness the positive shifts that they evoke in the lives of others, is one of the greatest joys of my life. Each victory becomes one of my own.

About the Program

Parenting is the most rewarding job on the planet, yet it can be quite challenging. After separation or divorce, it doesn’t get any easier:  trust is low, communication is strained and emotions are running high.  Parents struggle to find balance and routine for them and their children. And all children deserve to be happy at home, whether they have one or two. 

Parents who want more tools to take on the challenge of solo parenting will also benefit from this program. 

This program empowers parents with an easy to use formula to create a tangible shift from high conflict parenting to a child-focused way of co-parenting from a place of love, peace and clarity (and sanity!).  

This course includes:

  • A complete formula for successful co-parenting. We give you tools, we show you why, and then you not only learn new skills but you experience them. Week by week. 
  • Simple and powerful tools to build a new and exciting vision for you and your family. Every new journey needs a new destination, and a plan on how to get there. 
  • Strategies to enable you to positively co-parent and communicate with your former partner, to create a peaceful space for your child to grow and thrive.
  • Tools such as meditation and breathing techniques, which will help you focus so that you can tackle your long to-do lists and to strengthen your emotional well-being.

After taking this course you will be able to:

  • Successfully navigate the challenges you face with your former partner when it comes to co-parenting.
  • Utilize incredible mindset and success tools that are backed by scientific research in your day-to-day family life (and share many with your child!)
  • Access tools to move through your past and transform your biggest challenges into your greatest strengths – your superpower!
  • Connect with other amazing co-parents in our private Conscious Co-Parenting online group, to share challenges and solutions, and continue to get resources from this community.
  • WHEN YOU THRIVE, YOUR CHILD THRIVES.  You will be a role model of well-being that you wish for your child.
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"Radhika always reminded me that we had to do what was in the best interest for the family and the children more specifically. Despite the fall out of a marriage you are still a family. You will always be mom and dad to your children a divorce should not at any time affect the children. Radhika always reminded me of this and I thank her so much for keeping me sane throughout my process."

Father of Two

"This is the first time in my life that I'm seeing results so quickly, and it's all info that's making sense. When I heard about this course, I knew it was going to be just what I needed at the exact moment in my life. With the tools that we practiced, I formed healthy self-care habits that I'm so grateful for. I now meditate daily, I have returned to my yoga practice, and I am finally putting this breath work I've researched about to work. I felt amazing results before the program ended. My children are also participating with me. It's all becoming habits forming in my home and engraved into our hearts. My co-parent and I are already having better communication with more empathy and respect. This course is going to send you into a place you have always wanted to go but didn’t know how. This will cross over in all areas in your life. It’s truly a gift. Thank you Rad, and all who have put their heart and soul into this personal journey! The power really exists in all of us, sometimes we just need that bubble of light to get us started!! Thanks for lighting my fire!"

Mother of Five

"The divorce path was not expected, nor easy. Becoming a single mom of two made it even more challenging. Time was never enough and my main focus was always my kids. This program taught me that in order to make a positive impact on my children, it starts with ME. Despite my busy schedule, I've learned how I can incorporate little things into my life that resulted in having a positive impact on me AND my children. This program has made take steps towards a goal that I realized I never set. I now feel like I have a vision for my life, instead of floating aimlessly at sea. Taking care of myself, focusing on things like gratitude, and surrounding myself with positive influences is helping me to keep my frequency high and project positive energy. This could not have been possible without you [Radhika] creating such awareness and helping me through the process. I thank you for all that you [Radhika] do. I am forever grateful!"

Mother of Two

"Radhika helped me deal with my family law issues and now as my transformation coach in her Conscious Co-Parenting Program. I am so grateful to have her support. I met her in my time of crisis and her knowledge and compassion has led me on an insightful journey towards self-discovery. She has been instrumental in my transformation as a parent and a spiritual being. I have implemented the tools that I have learned from her program in my role as a co-parent and towards my personal growth. For example, being mindful through meditation, creating a mission and defining my purpose for myself and my family, and operating as my highest self. These are principles that are not only applicable to my role as a conscious co-parent but are also applicable to other aspects of my life. I highly recommend this program to parents seeking guidance and direction to better themselves for the benefit of their children. As Radhika would say: “when we thrive, our children thrive.”"

Mother of One

"I am mom that LOVES her son and only wants the best for him...and the first step on this path for me was taking this course. It was the best decision I ever made! To all parents reading this...CONGRATULATIONS for taking the first step to the rest of your co-parenting/solo-parenting journey! I initially came to Radhika very bitter and angry. When I met her I thought, “she has everything going for her.” Then, as I learned about her background, I was stunned at how upbeat and positive she was through all her trials and tribulations. Something told me no matter what, I needed to take this course. The first week, I heard those magic words: "When you thrive...your children thrive". Powerful words that pierced a hole straight into my heart. For any of you parents I really need to take this course? Will I really benefit from this? My answer to you is YES and YES. I am leaving this course having done a 180. Most importantly I have no anger towards my co-parent. We can all come up with so many excuses – put that all aside. Take this next step for you....for your children...and for the beautiful life that awaits your family at the end of this amazing journey!"

Mother of One

Program Details


  • Date: TBD 2020. The Program runs weekly for 6 weeks, with a "reading week" between weeks 3 & 4.
  • Time: TBD - daytime program.
  • Details: 9 hours of content delivered over six weeks. Additional resources sent to you weekly, with tools and exercises. Regular check-ins with Radhika to help keep you on track and answer any questions.
  • BONUS: 3 hours of Deep Dive sessions in the evenings to have open and interactive group discussions 
  • Format: Live over web-conferencing. Do it from home or work on your lunch hour. Each session is recorded to view, or review, when it works for you. 
  • Tools:  It's like baking a cake. We share our recipe, we give you all the ingredients (tools), we show you why each ingredient matters and then we create the space for you to experience it all, in your own, customized way. 
  • Cost: $475.00 + HST.  When you invest in yourself,  you invest in your child. We also offer 2 scholarship spots at a reduced fee per session (please contact us for the application form).
  • We also offer a solo, 4-week consolidated program. Cost is $1,800 + HST.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want a different outcome - you need to change the recipe :) Each week there will be the 1.5 hour session, which you can watch live OR at your own time, on evenings and weekends.  Each week we will also provide you with tools to implement (i.e. meditation options, breathing exercises, etc.) to help you consciously connect with the highest version of yourself, increase focus, reduce stress and anxiety, improve communications and increase personal clarity. We know for certain that if you’re ready to commit some time for yourself each day, you will experience a shift - life will never be the same. Check out our testimonials. 

Yes, through private Facebook group and you’ll get to meet parents from previous sessions as the community builds.

Our Conscious Co-Parenting Program is open registration, meaning that we do not restrict access to the program. We have had co-parents register and successfully participate in this program at the same time. Double benefit for your child(ren)!

The Deep Dive Session are not recorded as they are bonus to the package/course. There will be two Deep Dive Sessions, which will be held on the Thursday evening of Week 3 & Week 5 from 8:15 p.m. to 9:45 p.m.

The session recordings will be available for 90 days, but you can also download them to your own device.

You will have direct support and guidance from Radhika, as well as from other co-parents (current and former students) through discussions in the private Facebook group. You will be fully supported through this amazing journey.

Co-parenting can be challenging. Part of our goal, in addition to providing you with tools to help you navigate on your own, is also to create a community of parents who are in a similar situation. The group format enables you to hear from other parents who have walked the same road that you are on now, gain strength and knowledge from them, and become part of a group that you can lean on for support, advice, and encouragement, both now and in the future.

If you withdraw from the program at least 7 days before it begins, you are eligible for a full refund. 

If you withdraw from the program after having completed the first session, you will receive a full refund, less an administration fee of $175.

Email any concerns directly to: [email protected] or [email protected]  


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