Conscious Co-Parenting Program

A transformational program for Co-Parents after Divorce & Separation. 

Parenting can be hard, especially from "two homes."  Experience life-changing tools to co-parent in a child-focused way, with more ease, confidence and calm!

My talk at Harvard University

In 2022, I had the opportunity to speak at Harvard about my inspiration to create the Conscious Co-Parenting Program, while practicing family law.


Every child deserves two happy homes. This program is for you if:

You want tools to deal with difficult co-parenting situations
You desire peaceful and positive co-parenting for your child
You want to protect your child from the hurt and challenges that arise from having two homes (and with two different parents)
You want the best for your child 
You need tools to improve communication 
This is an area of your life that challenges you the most
You value personal growth and know it will help you and your child
You are ready to heal old patterns & wounds 
You want both you and your child to thrive in this next chapter of life

Parent Testimonial

"Taking this course was the best decision I ever made! To all parents reading this...CONGRATULATIONS for taking the first step to the rest of your co-parenting/solo-parenting journey! When I heard those magic words: "When you thrive...your children thrive" it pierced a hole straight into my heart. For any parents thinking...."do I really need to take this course?" YES and YES. I am leaving this course having done a 180. Most importantly, I have no anger towards my co-parent. We come up with so many excuses – put that all aside. Grab the beautiful life that awaits your family at the end of this amazing journey!"

Vidhu R.
Mother of One

The Experience

Powerful Tools To Increase Mental Clarity and Peace

Experience powerful tools such as meditation, mindfulness and breath work to recharge your batteries, so that you feel equipped to handle the challenges of co-parenting, and to fully be present for them and for you to enjoy each, precious moment with your child

New Ways to Effectively Communicate with Your Co-Parent

Master new tools to effectively communicate with your co-parent, so you are not left feeling triggered & drained, and can now respond not react. Make co-parenting smooth and allow your child to have the positive relationship with both parents 

A Fully Upgraded Vision and Version of YOU

It's time to really take care of YOU & put on your oxygen mask.  We teach our children wellness by modelling it. When YOU thrive, your child will thrive too.  Experience a new connection with yourself, build new habits and create a new vision for your next chapter. Life gets to be beautiful. 

Your Guide: Radhika Lakhani

Meet "Rad"

BA (Hons), LL.B./J.D., LL.M. (in ADR)

Former: Divorce Lawyer, Mediator, Children's Lawyer, Court Appointed Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO)

Today: I help others shift the energy in: themselves, their homes & at work. My mission with this program is HAPPY HOMES. 

After 20 years, I left law because I found a more powerful way to help people connect to peace, joy and purpose

I share from a long history of my own personal transformation + my experience counselling hundreds of families & co-parents.

I know it only takes one parent to change the co-parenting relationship.  I teach parents how to do this with small and steady shifts in their energy.

Statements from our feedback forms, filled out before the program even ends!

  • I am having more respectful conversations with my ex. We are even laughing!"
  • "This program has changed my life"
  •  "I’m less reactive. I have a new sense of peace."
  • "I’m not having panic attacks anymore due to my ex."
  • "Able to find compassion for ex"
  • "Helping me forgive my ex"
  •  "Better communication from my co-parent.  I have shifted and so has he!"
  • "Less stress for both me and my coparent"
  • "Able to stay more calm"
  • "Being more conscious of how I speak to my kids"
  • "Helping me be a better parent"
  • "Feeling stronger and more confident"
  • "I am able to pause and take a breath before responding"
  • "I have the tools to move me forward"
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About the Program

Parenting is rewarding... and also challenging! After separation or divorce, it doesn’t get easier:  trust is low, communication is strained, and emotions are running high.  Parents struggle to find balance and stability for their child.  As a retired divorce lawyer who has helped 100's (if not 1000's) of clients, I get it!  

I believe that all children deserve and CAN have a happy at home, even after divorce. Even if your ex is unwilling. 

I also KNOW from my own personal journey, that your worst days can be transformed into your biggest miracles. 

In The Conscious Co-Parenting Program, I share a profound formula to THRIVE after divorce, for you and your child. You will experience a tangible shift from high conflict parenting to a child-focused way of co-parenting from a place of love, peace and clarity (and sanity!).  

Through tools including mindfulness, meditation, breath work, journaling, and life-visioning, you will go through a carefully curated, inward journey. You will have many "AHA moments" including: remembering who you are, how to access your own power, heal your triggers and become more present for your child. 

When you thrive, your child thrives.  It all starts with you. 

I Am Ready To Thrive!

What the Program Includes

Direct Coaching & Guidance

Transformation is so much easier when you have a guide. Rad created this program specifically to help co-parents come back into alignment & flow

Transformational CWR Formula

No more getting pieces of the puzzle. This is a COMPLETE formula to revolutionize your inner state and outer reality 

8 Life Changing Modules

Each week we explore one aspect of a Formula created for co-parents to thrive (+ a BONUS meditation created for this group)

Tools, Worksheets & Content

Each week is carefully curated with various self-exploration exercises, inner transformation tools and bonus content. 

Q&A Sessions

To fully support you, for 60 days from registration, you will have access to send questions to Rad while you do the modules at your pace! 


Science confirms the power of tracking our own progress! We  created program specific tracking methods to help you meet your goals!

Private FB Membership

Lifetime membership to our private Facebook group filled with like-minded, consciously minded humans!

A New Tribe

Life is all about connection. As a member of the CWR Tribe you will be invited to ongoing "members only" events, first access to in-person retreats & future offers! 

Parent Testimonial

"I am so grateful to have Rad's support. I met her in my time of crisis. Her knowledge and compassion has led me on an insightful journey towards self-discovery. She has been instrumental in my transformation as a parent and spiritual being. For example, being mindful through meditation, creating a mission and defining my purpose for myself and my family, and operating as my highest self. These principles are not only applicable to my role as a conscious co-parent but to all aspects of my life. I highly recommend this program to parents seeking guidance and direction to better themselves for the benefit of their children. As Rad would say: “when we thrive, our children thrive.”"

Christine L.
Mother of One

When Where and How

  • When:  Access the program right away, and soak-in the modules at your own pace/time
  • What you receive: 
    • 8 insightful group coaching sessions (each approx. 90 mins),
    • plus tools, worksheets and bonus content.
    • One of Rad's meditations created specifically for the members of this program
    • Audio recording of a previous group deep dive call where parents shared their challenges and questions
    • Lifetime access to it all of it!
  • PLUS:  Membership to our private Facebook Community of like-minded humans
  • BONUS: Rad's Meditation Mastery Masterclass:  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
  • If costs are a barrier, we also offer scholarship spots  (80% off the course fee). If you need this, please feel free to contact us for the application form.
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Parent Testimonial

"This is the first time in my life that I'm seeing results so quickly. I have formed healthy self-care habits that I'm so grateful for. I now meditate daily, returned to my yoga practice, and finally put this breath work I've researched about to work! I felt amazing results before the program ended. My children are also participating with me. This Program has become engraved in our hearts and home. My co-parent and I have better communication with more empathy and respect. This will send you to a place you've always wanted to go, but didn’t know how. It’s truly a gift. Thank you Rad, for putting your heart and soul into this! The power exists in all of us. Sometimes we just need that bubble of light to get us started!! Thanks for lighting my fire!"

Dana A.
Mother of Five

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Parent Testimonial

"The divorce path was not expected, nor easy. Becoming a single mom of two made it even more challenging. Time was never enough and my main focus was my kids. This program taught me that in order to make a positive impact on my children, it starts with ME. Despite my busy schedule, I've learned how to incorporate little things into my life that have a positive impact on me AND my children. This program has made take steps towards a goal that I realized I never set. I now feel like I have a vision for my life, instead of floating aimlessly at sea. Taking care of myself, focusing on things like gratitude, and surrounding myself with positive influences is helping me to keep my vibe high and project positive energy. This could not have been possible without you, Rad, creating such awareness and helping me through the process. I thank you and am forever grateful for all that you do!"

Pauline S.
Mother of Two

"When YOU thrive, your child thrives."

You and your child deserve a beautiful next chapter

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