The Highest Version Program

An 8-week transformation coaching program designed to completely upgrade your mind, body & SOUL.


Tap into YOUR Highest Version

Learn how to live a life that exceeds your wildest dreams (I live mine), while feeling more flow, peace & joy on the ride! 

You know you're meant for more, but it's tough when you're feeling overwhelmed, unclear or disconnected. 
Learn how to achieve your biggest dreams, while feeling balanced and deeply connected to your purpose and the people that matter to you. 

Is this you?

If so, this Program is for you:
You want to access your Highest Self
You want to learn how to "manifest" your desires
You want to tap into your intuition (aka: inner GPS system)
You desire confidence & clarity 
You want to feel balance & time freedom 
You want healthy boundaries 
You are ready for a mindset upgrade & to live from the heart
You want to respond v. react to others
You are ready to heal your triggers 
You desire powerful self-care habits & tools
You're ready for your next level of more flow, fun & ease!!

"I entered this program feeling great - I’m leaving this program feeling 10 notches higher! I feel more calm, in tuned and more aware. I highly recommend Radhika and this program to anyone that is feeling blah or feeling great - it will change your life."

Milli P.
Real Estate Expert - Right At Home Realty

Who You Are and Where You Want to Go

As a conscious creator you will start this journey with tools to deeply align with your core, unique self and gifts. From here you will intentionally create you mission and vision for where you want to go, and most importantly, who you want to BE.

Re-Energize and Clearing Energy Blocks

Together we explore simple, powerful tools to access the infinite energy source that is literally inside of you. We learn about how we all block from stored conditioning and past experiences. Then we explore the various modalities to release blocks to access increased energy, higher inner states and a deeper connection to the heart, your most powerful energy centre.

Experience Joy and Flow

Flow is a joyful, unconditional present moment connection to life. This is also known as connection with your higher self.  We experience heightened flow and joy when we have clarity of self, purpose, connection to the Now and when we learn how to release our resistance and blocks to “go with the flow” of the highest Version of our life, which is always waiting to be accessed.

"I felt held back my current situation and ready for transformation. This program was created with so much intention and detail. Radhika showed me that the work is on the inside. Rad opened her heart and wrapped her arms around us (virtually). By the end of the program we were on strong footing for the path forward. This gave me the tools not only to manage during a stressful time but to rise above and see the beauty that is unfolding. I feel so much more aware of myself and am unapologetic about taking time away from everything and everyone else to do "the work" on and for myself. I loved everything. My favourite part was Rad... honestly and truly a fabulous human being. Thank you, Rad. I have so much love and gratitude for you & this program."

Ami P.
Chartered Accountant (Partner)

Meet Your Guide: Radhika Lakhani

Meet Radhika, AKA: "Rad"  

BA (Hons), LL.B./J.D., LL.M. (ADR)

After almost 20 years, I left the field of law because I found a more powerful way to help people live peaceful, joy-filled & abundant lives - which was always my goal!

I teach people how to experience rapid transformation & align to their soul's highest purpose. 

Everything I share comes from a long history of my own transformation + counselling hundreds of families as a family lawyer & mediator.

What I know for sure: the conflict, joy, love and abundance that we experience or don't experience, is a reflection of our inner state.  And you can change your inner state faster than you think.  

When you slow down, tune in and commit to making small tweaks in your life.. your WHOLE world will change.

More About Me

"Rad has created something very profound, meaningful and inspirational and has presented in a way for everyone to understand it and shift to a more positive way of living."

Ada B.
Registered Yoga Teacher

About The Program

The key to living your dream life (externally) is to transform your "self" (internally).  This program is designed to help do exactly this. 

What is a dream life?  In my experience, a dream life is more having every “thing” you have ever desired (yes, you can have that too).  The real magic for me is accessing levels of peace, clarity and even bliss, no matter what was happening in my world.  My new mantra is: “the real party is on the inside.”  And when you can tap into this infinite life source inside of you – you no longer live in response to your environment or circumstances. You become the ultimate creator of your experience.

In this program, I take you through a simple yet profound formula to tap into the highest version of yourself via powerful insights, discussions & tools. 

Through tools like mindfulness, meditation, breath work, journaling, life-visioning and various others, you will go through a carefully curated, inward journey.  You will have many AHA moments about your true purpose, personal blocks, and path forward through powerful self exploration. 

And when YOU thrive, your life and the people around you do also.  It all truly starts with you. 

I'm READY - Sign Me Up

"The Program was something I decided to take to elevate my business and support overall growth. I had no idea what was involved, however I was open. I'm so honoured to have been part of this group and journey. The tools are life long and have been so impactful already, in the little time I've started to implement them. I can't wait to continue practicing them for the overall enrichment of my life! Thank you, Rad! This is a program that will create a permanent positive shift in your life!"

Luisa D.
President & Founder of LD Human Resources

What The Program Includes

Coaching & Guidance

Transformation is faster with a guide! In each session Rad makes the profound principles of living in flow, manifestation, alignment and spiritual mastery practical and accessible. 

Transformational CWR Formula

No more getting pieces of the puzzle. This is Rad's COMPLETE formula to revolutionize your inner state and outer reality. You get lifetime access to all tools & recordings. 

Powerhouse Practices & Habits

Info is great! But it's when we apply and practice things that we see real results. Rad shows you how to stack & integrate various tools & habits into your busy daily life with ease.

Tools, Worksheets & Content

Each week is carefully curated with various self-exploration exercises, inner transformation tools and bonus content. You can go as deep as you desire on each topic. 


As a member of The Highest Version you are welcomed to send in questions that you may have during the 60 days after your purchase the program. There's no getting stuck here! 


Most of us lack accountability.  In our Guilt-Free-Growth-Zone we have a tracker to help you monitor your progress on a weekly basis.

Private FB Membership

Lifetime access to membership to our private Facebook group filled with like-minded, trailblazing people.

A New Tribe

Why do this alone, when it's so much fun to expand together? You become part of the CWR Tribe and get invited to ongoing "members only" events.

"My ability to quickly begin to see shifts, after employing the tools and habits presented each week, was miraculous and affected every aspect of my life. I feel empowered! Thank you!!"

Annie G.
Elementary School Principal

"I am so thankful for this program and my life changer guru Radhika Lakhani!! I feel like I’ve been living under a rock for 42 years?!! Although I was driven, motivated and passionate about everything I did in my life before the program, and thought I was clear in my direction and focus, it turns out I was missing a few key pieces. I was missing listening to my inner-self, self awareness, discovery and even self love on a deeper level. The more I think about the program, the more I realize how much I learned. I feel as though Radhika made me open a new door... and I am at the entrance hallway realizing… omg… there is so much potential of growth here! Thank you for this new birth!! That is how I feel - born again. And I will be forever grateful!!!"

Catherine-Lucie H.
Design Guru & Owner of Royal Interior Design

Dozens of More Testimonials HERE

The journey is so unique for everyone who joins this community, and yet there are so many common themes!


When, Where and How


  • When: Tuesdays¬†@ 12:30 PM - LIVE VIA ZOOM (and lifetime recording access)
  • What:¬†¬†
    • Rad's signature formula on how to transform your life and create more FLOW
    • Topics include: identifying core values, creating a powerful mission & vision for home and work, shifting our energy & frequency,¬†navigating life and challenges with more¬†flow,¬†becoming more present, living from our hearts, and MORE
    • EVERY module comes with a new TOOL for you to try out to actually experience¬†the weekly lessons
    • 14+ hours of¬†live¬†coaching from the comfort of your home (if received 1-on-1 would cost $7,000 USD +)
    • 8 x 90 MIN LIVE sessions with Rad (and recordings) via Zoom
    • A practical roadmap to apply power-house tools to your busy life for your and your kids (i.e. meditation, mindfulness, etc.)
    • Weekly tools,¬†workbooks & bonus content to¬†go as DEEP as you wish!
    • Q & A with Rad throughout the entire 2 months together (via voice memos & during sessions) (LIVE guidance is GOLD!)
    • 1 x LIVE energy activating meditation (60 MINS)
    • Membership to our private FB Group to connect with like minded souls
  • A formula for aligned, conscious and joy-filled living that you can keep and customize for decades to come!
  • REMEMBER: Investing in YOU is the best investment
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