The Conscious Communicator

A 3-Part Masterclass presented by Radhika Lakhani (retired divorce lawyer turned family IN-powerment educator) on how to elevate communication in your most important relationships


It takes two to tango. One to lead.

We communicate with our words. 

But what's more important is the energy behind our words.

When we consciously communicate, we elevate our connection with those that mean the most to us. 

This Masterclass is for anyone ready to elevate their communication, connection, & relationships!


  • respond instead of react
  • operate from the energy of love, instead of our egos
  • use our¬†words to remove walls and build bridges
  • speak with confidence &¬†clarity

Relationships and connection are two cornerstones of the human experience. And communication is a vital part of this.  

Come access a¬†new lens, and¬†some new tools, to¬†experience¬†deeper connection &¬†elevate your most precious¬†relationships ūüíĖ

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The Conscious Communicator!