The Infinite Circle

Let's Evolve Together

As souls having a human experience, a critical element to our evolution (and sanity)... is having like-minded community & support. This is the Infinite Circle.

A space to keep your vibration high, engage in next-level conversations, access your wildest dreams & stay aligned with the highest version of you

Live Infinite Circle Calls

For a fraction of the cost of private coaching, you'll have all the benefits of being coached by Rad + receive the powerful benefits of group expansion in an aligned community.  As humans, we learn from our own experiences, but also the experiences of others.  Here - we get to remember that we are not alone in our highs & lows.

Receive Direct Support

This is a sacred space for individual coaching questions + powerful group discussions.  We will navigate love, money, family, work, parenting, habits, meditation, manifestation, flow!  ALL the things!  I will guide you to living from a higher consciousness. It's time to fall in love with life at a whole new level.  You will also be able to submit questions anonymously.

The Butterfly Effect

Life post-Covid is all about CONNECTION. We missed this and we need this.  This group is for us to laugh, live and rise together.  A space where you can show up as yourself, be supported, seen, loved and also accountable, as you tap into your highest version.  Together we will create a butterfly effect into our lives, our families and in the World. 

This space is for individuals who have already achieved a level of personal growth, who want to tap into a higher level of presence, live from the heart-centre and maintain a deeper level of spiritual connection. Therefore, to ensure that we bring in aligned and like-minded souls to this group container, entry is by application or invitation. Current or former Consciousness with Rad members automatically qualify.

Coaching Testimonials

What recent clients shared about their experience of coaching with Rad

The Infinite Circle Details

What Your Spot in the Circle Includes: 

  • 20 spots will opened, with priority being given to existing members of the Consciousness with Rad community (participants of one program/retreat or more)
  • Each month: 2 live & recorded, 90-minute Infinite Circle Coaching Calls. 
    • To accommodate different schedules, 1 call/month will be @ 12 noon and the other call/month will be @ 8 PM EST. All calls will be on Wednesdays 
  • Direct coaching with Rad and ability to ask questions (directly or anonymously to Rad, based on your preference and situation) and engage (an affordable option compared to private coaching, which normally starts at $3K USD per term)
  • A space where you can drop-in to keep your high-vibe juices going 
  • Membership to a heart-led Circle of humans, the benefit of learning from a kindred community, and feeling supported on the journey
  • A platform to connect with Rad & all Infinite Circle members, and share resources/thoughts between calls
  • FREE access to all 5-day Meditation Challenges run by Rad 
  • An amazing way to stay in a high-vibrational space, and receive guidance and support FOR YOUR SOUL

Inner Mastery = Outer Magic

Your dream life and dream inner state of being, are entirely within your reach.  And the two are intricately linked.

The Infinite Circle has been created to uplift, support, and nurture you, enabling you to connect with your highest self and manifest your desired reality with maximum ease and joy.  All within a community of heart-centered humans who want to live, be, do, and experience life to the fullest.

My best self shows up when it's in service of others. I am so excited to be back on LIVE calls!!   Are you ready?

Infinite Circle Membership Options

You are invited to join based on your personal preference. Stay as long as it continues to feed your soul & support your journey.




- Paid monthly

USD & includes taxes. Coaching receipts provided upon request





- Paid quarterly ($264 for 3 months)

- USD & includes taxes. Coaching receipts provided upon request


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