Consciousness with Rad

Detailed Program Outline


8-WEEK Program Outline

We know that for you to experience a massive personal shift, you need:  powerful information, simple tools, guidance and accountability.  Every week you will learn a part of our Formula with these four components.   We will break down the Formula together, via Zoom, in a group coaching session!   You will learn from others, and they will learn from you. Together we will celebrate all wins and master all challenges.  

Every week you will integrate a new powerful tool into your life, in a very formulaic way, to experience a personal shift (i.e. meditation, breath work, mindfulness, journaling, etc.).

This WHOLE program is accessible on our App.  You will monitor your progress and view all course materials from your phone, tablet or PC – all in one spot.


WEEK 1: What is Consciousness & Meeting Our Tribe

This exciting journey is so much sweeter because of the amazing, like-minded people it attracts. Every member is ready to transform their lives – for them and their loved ones.  This week you will meet your “tribe” and share who you are and what your personal objectives are for the Program.  We then practically explore what it means to “live consciously” and how this directly connects to your best life.  We connect the impact of how an internal shift shifts our outer world with real life examples and challenges.  You will remember who you are by redefining your core values & gifts.   Sneak peak: this week’s tool:  I show you how to integrate the powerful tool of meditation or go deeper into your existing practice.

WEEK 2: Mission, Vision and Intention

Here you will come into deeper, clearer alignment with your life purpose, where you want to go and who you want to BE.   You will be given tools and guidance to create your mission statement for all areas of your life, and then create a clear vision of what that will look and feel like.  Most importantly, you will clarify your intentions that anchor both your mission & vision from a place of love v. fear.  Your intention is your WHY, which is the energetic “fuel” for every action.   You start to see how “intention” is a superpower that can be used to reduce conflict and increase harmony in all of your interactions with others.

WEEK 3: Focus

Your thoughts create your reality. So how do we change our thoughts and shift our focus?  We discuss the feedback loop between your external and internal environments.  You learn powerful tools to “revamp” your internal and external environments and why this is so important.  Here, we connect this concept with the life vision exercise from Week 2.  We will also look at profound breath-work techniques to optimize your internal focus, reduce stress, and bring you deeper into the gifts of the present moment.  We anchor deeper into meditation and its power to help with our “monkey mind” and the power of mindfulness practices.

WEEK 4: Frequency 

Where last week was about “mind” clarity, this week is about “heart” clarity. We explore what our personal frequency is and how it impacts our lives.  Frequency is also known as your “vibe”, vibration or the quality of your “energy” (which is much more than physical energy). Personal frequency is a critical element of this formula, as it filters all of the experiences that you draw into your life.  You will learn how to actually raise your frequency with your awareness by exploring:  the levels of frequency, healing modalities, emotional health and ways to unblock and heal your energetic system (aka: chakras).

WEEK 5: Deep Dive

The first of two evening sessions where you will delve deeper into the topics covered in the program thus far.

WEEK 6: Faith

A strong “faith” or “belief system” means operating in a zone of positive expectation, which we can strengthen through access to our various “North Stars.” (This is not about “religion”, although for some, their religious faith may be one of their North Stars).  We deeply explore how negative beliefs impact and limit our personal power and potential, how they interplay with our thoughts and feelings, and where these negative beliefs (conscious and unconscious) stem from (i.e. fear of unworthiness, failure, not being enough). You will learn various modalities to re-create new beliefs and strengthen your “faith” muscle, so that you can operate in a zone of “positive expectation.”  You will create your own “faith statement” to strength your ability to create the life you desire and to be the highest version of yourself (which is what you came here to be).

WEEK 7: Flow

Flow is what we experience in the present moment when we are in a deep state of alignment with our life purpose and the highest expression of ourselves.  Life in flow is akin to moving downstream with ease and effort, where things just “fall into place.”  Here we can easily tap into our creative genius, we are inspired to lead and build, we operate from our heart and intuition, and we operate from deep love and connection. Flow = loving your life.  Conversely, life out of flow may feel like paddling upstream (i.e.: pain, struggle, nothing is working out) or being “stuck” in the weeds.  We explore what it feels like when we are in flow and not, what takes us out of flow (tying in Weeks 1-5) and how to tap more into FLOW in our big picture and daily.  

WEEK 8: Deep Dive

The second evening session, where you will expand further on all of the content you have learned in the Program. This is a great opportunity for open discussion, fine-tune the skills you've learned, and to hone your new set of life tools.

At the end of the program, all of your inner transformation will live one: “MASTER-BOARD.” This will be the reminder of the magical life you wish to consciously create and experience.  This will be the culmination of all your “AHA” moments accumulated over the 8-weeks, including your clarified values, mission, vision, intention, and faith statement.  This will be a beautiful anchor for your going forward, as you consciously create your personal MASTER-piece.