The Elevated Couple

Couple's Coaching for those who desire to elevate their relationship, effectively communicate & keep the spark alive.

We dont need new VOWS. We want a new VISION.

Most couples start off with big hopes and expectations. Over time, things get taken for granted, dreams diminish, communication wanes and the focus shifts from "what's right" to "what's wrong." This Couple's Coaching is specifically designed to help couples reconnect with who they are as individuals, what they value & to awaken a new joint vision for the highest possible future - together.

Radhika Lakhani, B.A., J.D., LL.M., Cert in ADR

Doctorate in Law; Masters in Law in Alternative Dispute Resolution; Court Appointed Mediator; Life & Wellness Coach; Retired Family & Children's Lawyer

I have worked with hundreds (if not thousands) of clients in the divorce process.

My new mission is to assist with proactive elevation over reactive damage control. 

Couples Coaching merges the best of my peace-making and mediation expertise with my success in personal transformation. 

This is for couples who want to come home to more love and role-model healthy relationships for their children (where applicable). 

We'd Like to Meet with You!

Honey, Do You Hear Me??

Often we dont hear our spouse because of our own (clouded) lens + and past history with each other (and our own childhoods).  As a trained neutral party, I help you both really hear what the other needs, wants and desires.  We will also create frameworks for more effective & positive communication. 

Love from Overflow - Tango from Desire

The most powerful & healthy couples know how to fuel themselves, and come to the relationship feeling 'whole, complete & ready to show up as love.'  Through solo and joint sessions, we will explore what each of you need to 'fill your own cup' so that you come together from desire and love (not need, fear or lack). 

A Renewed Family Vision

Instead of renewing your vows (which is just more promises!), let's re-new your vision - for you as a couple and individually. Every epic journey deserves a refreshed vision, a moment to realign & tools to smoothly navigate the path ahead. We will also factor in your individual love languages and how you work best as a team.  

Let's Connect

Before we enter a private coaching relationship, I'd love to connect and get a clear sense of your personal objectives. This allows us to make sure it's a mutual fit and that I can deliver what you desire.

Private Coaching Testimonials

Here's what some recent private clients have said about their experience.

Two Are More Powerful than ONE

Nothing is more powerful than two individuals who are on the same mission to restore and renew their family. 

This is for couples who understand that they are each responsible for the energy they bring to the home. 

You dont have to "get it". You just have to be open and committed to "staying in the ring" because you love each other and want this to work. 

I will share tools, practices and help bridge effective communication so that you can focus on bringing more love through you, and into your home.

We Want This For Our Family

The Format

Individual Sessions

Before our joint sessions, I will spend 1-2 calls with each partner to gain a clear understanding of your perspective, concerns & desires 

Joint Sessions

After I've gotten to know each partner, we will meet on Zoom 3-way, and step-by-step go through a transformation process (6-8 sessions). 

Between Sessions

Similar to individual coaching, both of you will get some "homework" to do individually between sessions! To get a new outcome, we need to do "new things."


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