1:1 Coaching

I want you to manifest your deepest desires. Yes. But even bigger than that: there is a version of you that can access states of being (peace, joy, bliss, abundance), BEFORE the people and the things show up in your life. Together, we connect you to your highest self.

Feel Transformed

Ultimately, we all want outer "things" because we want to FEEL a certain way. I show you how to find your inner flow, to feel and operate as an elevated version of yourself. This in turn, starts to shift every outer aspect of your life: love, money, health and inner bliss. 

Faster Results

While group transformation is super powerful, most people in private coaching love how quickly they feel shifts. This is laser focused on you.  One client said she almost felt like she was "cheating" growth; we achieved results in single session that previously took her years to attain.  

Customized Packages

Together we customize a plan to meet your personal objectives, whether it's to feel more peace, less anxiety, more abundance, heal your past, gain clarity and confidence or foster a deeper connection to your purpose and/or spirituality. 

Let's Connect

Before we enter a private coaching relationship, I'd love to connect and get a clear sense of your personal objectives. This allows us to make sure it's a mutual fit and that I can deliver what you desire.

Private Coaching Testimonials

Here's what some recent private clients have said about their experience.

Inner Mastery = Outer Magic

Everything you desire (peace, clarity, confidence, abundance, love, etc.) can be accessed from the inside.  It's all so much closer than you may think. 

In all of my coaching, I share my embodiment of this deep understanding, in ways you can actually integrate in your life immediately. When you're open and willing, there is no limit to the magic you can access. 

Let's Connect

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