The Highest Version Program - An 8-Week Transformation Experience

The Juicy Details:

  • Experience a NEW version of yourself in 8 weeks (for real)
  • This is powerful teachings + powerful tools + a tried & tested recipe + LIVE support
  • You will learn how to become a CONSCIOUS creator of your reality & manifest your deepest desires
  • The old way is waiting for things & people to change 
  • But your thoughts, feelings & beliefs CREATE your reality
  • This is a complete upgrade of your mind, heart and SOUL, to become the HIGHEST VERSION of you
  • When you thrive, everyone and thing around you THRIVES
  • You'll learn how to: 
    • Bring more zen and peace into your life!
    • Refocus and shift your thoughts to the reality you desire
    • Raise your energetic vibration
    • Move from fear to faith 
    • Connect to your internal GPS 
    • Live more fully in the PRESENT 
    • Reconnect to WHO you are & who you want to BE
    • Clarify your personal, family & professional vision & mission
    • Manifest with your thoughts and feelings 
    • Navigate challenging people and situations with greater ease
    • Learn powerful tools such as meditation, breath-work, life visioning, etc. & build better success habits

Our Transformational Ingredients (what you'll receive) 

  • 14+ hours of live coaching from the comfort of your home (if received 1-on-1 would cost $7,000 USD +)
  • 8 x 90 MIN LIVE (and recorded) weekly Zoom calls where I share my formula for radical transformation
  • A practical roadmap to apply power-house tools to your busy, daily life for your and your kids (i.e. meditation, mindfulness, etc.)
  • Weekly tools, workbooks & bonus content to go as DEEP as you wish!
  • Q & A access with Rad throughout the entire 2 months together (via voice memos & during sessions)  
  • 1 x LIVE morning energy activating meditation (60 MINS)
  • Membership to our private FB Group to connect with like minded souls
  • A formula for aligned, conscious and joy-filled living that you can keep and customize for decades to come!

What People Are Saying:

"This program helped me to see things more clearly. To understand where I had blockages in my life...being personal or professional. It helped me to make more peace with my past so I can move forward. It helped me to reflect back on my values and mission every time I come across doubt and uncertainty. I understood how all of the books, people and circumstances in my life were not a coincidence. They were signs sent to me to find my path in becoming a better human being. Rad inspired me from day one with her wit, kindness, knowledge, sense of calmness and grace. I enjoyed everything about this program!

Maryam S.

I am grateful with what I have learned!! I am much calmer, less anxious, more aware and embracing all that comes my way. I am sharing what I learned with my own family and we are walking through this journey together to better ourselves as individuals, as a key member of our family and bring peace to our home

Mirella M.

I entered this program feeling great - I’m leaving this program feeling 10 notches higher! I feel more calm, in tuned and more aware. I highly recommend Radhika and this program to anyone that is feeling blah or feeling great - it will change your life.

Milli P.

Rad has created something very profound, meaningful and inspirational and has presented in a way for everyone to understand it and shift to a more positive way of living.

Ada B.

$1,444 USD + Bonus Masterclass (Value $333 USD) – Lifetime Access

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