Meditation Mastery Masterclass

This is a content packed 5 HOUR, 4 Module Masterclass where I share EVERY-thing I know about having a powerful and life changing meditation practice.  

This is the stuff I want to shout from the top of the mountains :) And it answers the 100's of questions I get about meditation.  All. The. Time. 

I answer it all and WAY more. 

I also teach you about energy flow, how it moves, how it gets stuck and how we can clear and up level our energy through meditation. 

This is for you, if you’re looking to have any or all of these things (whether new, novice or advanced with meditation):

  • more inner calm, peace and mental stability
  • becoming less reactive and more responsive 
  • less stress and anxiety
  • a deeper connection to spirit, source, God (life force) and YOURSELF 
  • a deeper connection to your intuition and inner GPS
  • a phenomenal tool to rewire your subconscious programming that blocks you from your dream life, abundance, and relationships
  • more confidence and clarity 
  • deeper ability to truly be in and savour the present moment
  • becoming a better parent and/or partner

What you'll get:

  • 4 recorded modules totalling 5 hours
  • Learning about 5 key styles of meditation and the benefits of each
  • Tools on how to integrate this into your daily life, even if you are a busy bee! 
  • Tools on how to bring the meditative state like bliss, joy, non-resistance  into your daily life, even at the grocery store or in a meeting 
  • Deeper understanding of HOW & WHY meditation benefits you, which is SO critical when integrating any habit into your life (just like brushing your teeth!)
  • And then we also TRY 3 styles of meditation ranging from 8 minutes to 25. The final meditation we try out in Module 3 left all of us BUZZING. One student had an epiphany about her marriage an hour after. Another was told her AURA felt extra magical. You will LOVE IT. 
  • You will also receive access to a Meditation Resources Guide - free meditations, apps, tools, pillows, all the things I want you to know about for a magical practice! :) 

$174.00 USD (Regularly $333)

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