More About Rad

My deepest desire is to help families have peaceful and abundant lives. I teach people how to reconnect with the best, highest parts of themselves, with simple tools like meditation, mindful living and self-care.

I know what it means to rise out of the greatest loss and separation. I was separated from my parents and siblings as a teenager, homeless at 16 and experienced the immeasurable loss of my first son. All of these shaped who I am today. I understand now that the spirit inside us is unbreakable. 

Today, I live a life that is beyond my wildest dreams: as a former lawyer, speaker, coach, teacher, mother, friend, sister and wife.

My personal transformation journey spanned over 25+ years. I was blessed to have many teachers who helped shape the course of my life. Today, I have every material luxury one could dream of.  And yet my biggest blessing is the inner abundant bliss that I am able to access on the inside. When I connect to this place, I feel a deep love for my life and everyone around me. From this space, I access clarity, wisdom, joy, peace and abundance. This feeling is beyond measure and continues to create more magic in my life.  While I still have "off" moments and challenges, my practices get me back on track with greater ease. 

I want to help others achieve the same through self-empowered, inner transformation.  

In 2019, while still practicing law full-time, I started to teach programs and courses to a variety of different people: family lawyers, divorced parents and entrepreneurs. Eventually, I created a program to teach my formula to anyone seeking to be The Highest Version of themselves.

In 2021, I decided to leave my legal career and pursue my passion of teaching full-time.  I believe I was born for this. 

Everything I share comes from a rich history of personal transformation and professional expertise in the field of resolving human conflict (since 2002). What I know now: is that to have the peace, joy and love we want - we need to harness these things from the inside. This starts with taking responsibility for our lives and investing time and energy into our selves... first.  From here, we bring immeasurable gifts to our families, careers and to the World.  

Sharing these incredible tools, and being able to witness the positive shifts that they create for others, is one of the greatest joys of my life.

When you rise, I rise. Let's rise together.