The Conscious Communicator

A 3-module FREE Masterclass presented by Radhika Lakhani, former divorce lawyer, mediator, mom & conflict resolution expert.


It takes two to tango. One to lead.

We communicate with our words! But what's more important is our energy behind the words. Learning to navigate difficult conversations & speak from an elevated intention is a powerful, heart-centred practice that can elevate every relationship. We do this by bring awareness to, and expanding, our thoughts, intentions, our self-care, connecting to our hearts and higher selves.

I created this masterclass for those who want to navigate relationships & communication in a more elevated way:

  • Where we can respond v. react.
  • Where we operate from love and not our egos.
  • Where our words remove walls and build bridges. 

Relationships and connection are two cornerstones of the human experience. Without this, we decay. Connection is a life source that humans are designed to thrive on.  Communication is a vital aspect of having healthy and lasting relationships and connection.  

My intention is that this resource brings deeper connection and peace into your life: at work & at home 💖

If you wish to learn more, I'd love for you to join me!